Websites, copywriting, SEO

Website development

Websites have long been the showroom and face of any business. We can help by upgrading your company's site or creating a brand new business website.

Types of websites:

  • corporate sites
  • online shops
  • sites for bloggers or personalities
  • media sites 

Methods of building sites:

  • WordPress based sites
  • custom solutions with individual design
  • e-shop platforms

Additional services for your company website or online shop

  • SEO-optimization
  • a comprehensive administration service on the site
  • website maintenance
  • compliance with the GDPR

Programming languages


Their usage varies depending on how the website is built.



Copywriting is part of the SEO strategy and SEO optimization of each site. To reach new customers, you must offer content that is useful and attractive. 

Copywriting includes text articles, infographics, advertising messages, social media posts/ads and announcements, PR articles, e-books, and more.

Our Copywriting Services:

  • SEO-optimized texts for sites that keep attention and interest of the users
  • Landing Pages' texts
  • product descriptions for online stores
  • informational and PR articles and press releases for electronic and print media
  • infographics
  • promotional materials' texts - brochures, radio advertising, digital advertising
  • social media posts/ads

Building Landing Pages

The Landing Page is the page where a person lands from an ad. If the page is not designed to convert well, the best ads will not produce the desired results.

Landing pages can be part of your site; they may be on a separate domain or subdomain or even on a different platform - it all depends on the specific purpose.

Unlike your site, the primary purpose of the landing page is to lead to conversions (sales, leads, registrations, subscriptions or other important actions for you). Therefore, it is built to give maximum information and intelligently lead people to this action. Any user on a page must be aware that they are in the right place.

Our team has specialized in building beautiful and converting landing pages.


Optimizing a site is a long process that pays all efforts over a long time again and again. Well-optimised sites are at the forefront of organic results on Google and other search engines. 

Why is it important to optimize your site?

"It's a big deal if I'm on the front page. I'm running the ad, and I'm there." You may be right, but the truth is not exactly that. 

Yes, it is true that you can run your ad and be on the first page and generate sales. But it won't be forever. When you pay for SEO services and work for site optimization, you are ahead in organic results and start generating more traffic and hence increase sales. There are times when you want to save advertising costs. Then the fact that you are ahead in the results continues to bring you competitive advantage and sales.

The optimization is in many different ways, depending on the specific type of site, business, niche, etc.

Specific SEO services include
  • site audit;
  • on page optimization;
  • checking content, keywords and meta descriptions;
  • link building;
  • relevant content and copywriting;
  • suggestions to optimize site structure, and more.

If you want your business to have better presence on the web or to offer more value to your users with some of our services - contact us at or Together we'll book a meeting to discuss how we can make a result-oriented plan for action.