Traditional marketing

Advertising in magazines

Although the editions of magazines are not as big as the years before, they are still one of the most read non-digital media. Also, their distribution and reaching readers is not just about people who have bought the exact magazine. In many cases, they leave it in waiting rooms, receptions, registers, and so on. In this way, your ad reaches a larger and more targeted audience memorably.

Creativez Bulgaria offers advertising and PR articles in all magazines in Bulgarian and foreign languages that are distributed on the territory of the country as well as on airplanes. 

How we work:

  1. We offer you a list of magazines tailored to your specific business, audience and budget;
  2. Produce media planning so that your brand is most visible;
  3. If necessary, we can also produce advertising publications. or radio spots. Radio spots will be prepared in a professional studio. The price will be included additionally.
  4. Report for publication - we send you a magazine with your ad in it.

Radio advertising and media planning

Radio advertising is one of the best ways to reach many listeners. But to achieve its goals, there are several requirements:

  • your ad must be broadcast on several radios in the same period;
  • the ad should lead to the actions you want;
  • advertising must inform excitingly and distinctively.

In case you want to advertise on the radio, we make proposals with prices for suitable radio stations, depending on the type of business and the specific product you offer. We match them with the audience of each radio to get better results.

After your approval and signing a contract, we will also prepare specific media plans for each radio station.

If you do not have an ad clip, we can design it by guaranteeing quality performance with appropriate cast votes.

Brochures and leaflets to P.O. boxes

Creative Bulgaria offers non-addressed distribution of flyers, catalogues and leaflets on the personal mailboxes in Sofia and the country.

The distribution price is determined depending on:

  • the chosen city - it may be a whole city or certain neighbourhoods,
  • the size of the brochure
  • the weight of the brochure.

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