Prepress, print and webdesign

Design and prepress of advertising materials

Print advertising has always been and will remain one of the most useful tools for brand promotion and consumer conversions. 

The team consists of designers with years of experience in the printing industry who have been familiar with the process from the very beginning of creating the vision of the advertising material to the final - printing of the ad. Unlike design for digital space, design and prepress of print materials, need special attention to every single nuance and way of blending the colours. The quality vision and customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal for each order.

The agency offers the following print materials:

  • brochures;
  • business cards;
  • catalogues;
  • flyers;
  • calendars;
  • banners and billboards, etc.

Web design

Everything around us is design - design of printed materials and web design. Creativez Bulgaria offers the following services in the field of web design:

  • static image banners for social media, Google Ads and online advertising;
  • html5 banners;
  • presentations.

Video compositing

Тази услуга включва монтаж за създаване на видеа за социалните мрежи и водят до повече ангажираност. Те могат да са кратки или по-дълги. Работи се с материали на клиента – видеа, снимки, текстове, музика или се купуват от сток банки. Разгледайте нашата видеогалерия.

Ако имате нужда от рекламни материали – печатни или за уеб или желаете кратки информационни видеа за социалните мрежи и YouTube канала ви – свържете се с нас на or Together we'll book a meeting to discuss how we can make a result-oriented plan for action.