Маркетинг в социалните медии

реклама в социалните медии PPC пърформънс маркетинг имейл маркетинг

Performance marketing

Пърформанс маркетингът е цялостна услуга и се състои от маркетинг в социалните медии, PPC /Pay per Click/ кампании в социалните медии, реклама в Гугъл и имейл маркетинг. 

The right settings, excellent optimization and the relevant and varied content, are the basis for further communication of business with consumers. Developing a comprehensive strategy and then implementing it requires a good understanding of the particular business model and the way the customer service process is carried out.

We do media planning for each of the channels, as well as the overall strategy.

Маркетинг в социалните медии

  • Administration and management of business pages on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Media planning 
  • Increase followers 
  • Communication 
  • Organic and paid advertising 
  • Design, creation and optimization of images, videos and banners
  • Advertising on any social media to the target audience / PPC /
  • Analysis of the results achieved
маркетинг в социалните медии
ppc-маркетинг в социалните медии

Реклама в екосистемата на Google - PPC

PPC / Pay per click is a sure way to pay for real visitors and customers.

Search ads always have better results that have a very positive impact on your business turnover. These are ads on Google's search engine.

The other way to promote branding and traffic to the site is the display campaign. It is a banner ad that reaches the appropriate audience on different criteria - in-market audience/ affinity audience or used for remarketing purposes.

Building a comprehensive campaign must necessarily include advertising in the Google ecosystem. 

Email marketing

Many of you are asking yourself - why is this? I do not want to spam my clients and annoy them. No, email marketing is not spam.

Email marketing is an intelligent form of advertising to an interested audience who desired your newsletters. It takes time to build a subscriber list, but it creates prerequisites for more natural sales.

The Benefits for Business From Email Marketing:

  • efficiency;
  • loyal audience;
  • regular information about new products, promotions and activities of your company;
  • brand awareness and a better way for communication;
  • increase in sales;
  • and much more…
имейл маркетинг - маркетинг в социалните медии

Whether you use all or part of the channels, we can help you with the right marketing concept, strategy and program to achieve excellent results. You can contact us at office@creativezbg.com or z.nenova@creativezbg.com Together we'll book a meeting to discuss your digital and non-digital assets and then we'll make a result-oriented plan for action.