Outsourced marketing manager

Because we know the needs of business, we offer yearly marketing management or Outsourced marketing manager. Our experience allows us to provide an outsourcing service that includes::

  • a qualified, experienced specialist who will take care of the marketing of your business;
  • complete confidentiality concerning your internal business processes;
  • building a comprehensive strategy;
  • entire organization of marketing and advertising activities - work with specific contractors and subcontractors if needed;
  • if you already work with vendors (designers, web developers, developers, and so on), the marketing manager will continue to work;
  • administration and SEO optimization of the company site;
  • ongoing management and optimization of all your digital business activities - Facebook, Google, Instagram, banner advertising and PR articles in media;
  • ongoing management of offline activities of your company - design and prepress of print materials, participation in events, etc .;
  • managing your barter relationship;
  • current offers for advertising and positioning;
  • transparency in managing and optimizing the budget;
  • current information on the marketing activities to the Contractor;
  • monthly reports of the performed activities;
  • annual marketing plan and distribution of the advertising budget;
  • billing directly from the subcontractor - Facebook, Google, media, etc .;
  • consulting on legal possibilities and restrictions on advertising and applying all the novelties and requirements according to the legislation.

What You Save:

  • no need for additional workplace equipment in your office;
  • you pay ONLY a subscription fee after an issued invoice;
  • the subscription fee is determined by the average number of hours per day - 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours per 5-day work week and the specific services for which the contract is signed;
  • no need of employment contract and the statutory obligations for which you pay - annual leave, sick leave, etc .;
  • no need to pay social security fees;
  • no overcharge for agency services;
  • time - when the employee quit, another colleague from the Agency will immediately take over his duties, and you will save yourself time and effort to find the new employee + more time for their training.

Call for an offer based on your specific business needs on office@creativezbg.com or z.nenova@creativezbg.com Together we'll book a meeting to discuss how we can make a result-oriented plan for action.