How to build a successful advertising strategy using online and offline advertising [4 part] - Offline channels

Offline advertising

Offline channels are well known, and yet only big brands use them. I suppose the reaction immediately is "It is costly!" Maybe you are right or perhaps not. 😉 Apart from television, which requires a bigger advertising budget, other channels are more accessible, and businesses can use them. Keep in mind that you measure the successful campaign by the revenue or valuable action you take into account when building the campaign. With offline advertising, you can not be as accustomed as online, but in some cases, it is much more influential in making decisions.

Print materials

Printed materials for me personally remain one of the most influential advertising weapons. Here are a lot of examples: business cards, brochures, flyers, catalogues, bags, labels, branding, other non-traditional promotional materials - pens, notebooks, USB cards, lighters, etc. Look around you and see at least three different products that remind you of a brand.

As many of you have already noticed under the "Printed Materials" category, I mean everything that is printed in one way or another and can be hand-picked. All this builds customer loyalty to a brand. And the truth is that all materials that are on a solid medium are desirable and sought after by consumers. The user reaches more often and interacts more with them.

Probably now you think, "How is a small online store or startup business doing prints?" I think it's a must! You can use them for various activities - such as a promo code for a subsequent order. It is also true, you can also send it to an email, but everyone gets so many emails that they are most likely to miss it. Thus, the customer keeps it for the next time.

Print materials and digital activities must not be in the struggle. You can use print materials to promote online activities. You can use one of the suggestions here or invent new ones:

  • Start a #hashtag campaign to invite users to create their own content. Hashtag # campaigns are great when you want to start communicating with users. They're also easy to track, and you can use the campaign's hashtag on each of your print ads. Make sure that this hashtag has not been used so far so you can be unique.
  • Find out where your target users spend their offline time and advertise there. Show through the printed materials that you can be useful for them and how they can contact - website, social channels, and so on.
  • Car branding is a great way to inform instead of showing that your business exists through a logo and a site so they can find you easier.


Events are a great way to promote your brand. By staging various social events, conferences and exhibitions that are in your industry or complementing it in some way, you can significantly engage visitors and attract attention through multiple activities, testing your products and generating sales. Do not miss and print the materials, as well as the other advertising materials visitors can take with them.

Fortunately, the event industry in Bulgaria is growing, and we can enjoy even more events. More information about upcoming events you can find on the Facebook calendar.

More information about current events find on

Press advertising

Press advertising will always be in fashion. Although the media are becoming more and more digital, some of them continue with their printed editions. Here you have countless opportunities for advertising - interview, PR post, news article in your niche, campaign promotion, participation in different pages - product or type of expert opinions, etc. Use any available options.

Also, you can use these and many more opportunities to publish materials on publishers' sites, and you can usually include a link and a lot of photos there. Again, you are expanding the circle of people you will reach in an indirect and varied way.


Billboards are an effective means of advertising as long as you use them appropriately. What I mean: The billboards are different from those of any other advertising. They are located alongside the road, so their vision should consist of a product or image of the service, a logo, a website, and possibly a price, depending on the brand, with or without it.

In some cases, I notice there's a lot of text, which is not a good practice for me personally. Cars are passing by quickly, and there is no one to read everything. Unleash your creativity and make a campaign that leads to the site. Here again, I emphasise a comfortable, elegant, good-structured and user-friendly navigation site.

In case you advertise at City Light facilities and bus stops, following the specifics of people walking there, you can add more text but do not overdo it - share a few words about your campaign, get people to visit your site, be creative about games, activations, connect your ad to social networks, and so on.

Radio advertising

Just like any other advertising and radio advertising has its specifics. Keep in mind that in a 30-second spot you should not have to lighten listeners with information. Trust the creative writing specialists for the ad clip.

Radio advertising should be part of your entire campaign, and of course, you can't use only one radio network. I mean on a large scale - when someone wants to listen to radio, your brand should be heard on air. There are also some other specifics in composing a media plan - to be successful, your campaign needs to be planned at least 5 ad spots a day.

Depending on the business and the preferred radio network, it is a good practice to run in national air instead of in a regional one. Besides, of course, if you are not a local business. Another suitable method is to judge the length of your ad spot well. The 10-15 second ads with the richest content are the most effective. So they can rotate 7-8 times a day. For some radioс, the cost of broadcasting varies according to the spot's duration.

You also have other forms of promotion on the radio. Apart from the advertising spot, you can participate in various shows with interviews, expert opinions, etc.

TV advertising

We all know the benefits of television advertising. But besides it needs a bigger budget, it also reaches groups of people who are not part of the target audience. It is the reason that only brands whose products are widely distributed to advertise on TV.

Television, as well as radio, have other forms - with interviews you can reach more followers. Here again, there are many great features, and you have to be an exceptional expert or have an essential message for the audience to be invited on TV.

Whatever activities are present in your campaign, keep in mind that, besides planning at the campaign level, you must have a separately designed media plan for each media.

Ad strategy summary

Campaign building and business strategy should include some or all elements of online and offline channels. Proper communication in each channel brings your business success, confidence and awareness to your customers, followers and users. Take the time to create the right content, be creative in your promotional material, engage in as many channels as possible, but be a professional anywhere. Analyse everything - remove unnecessary and improve your success. Each channel carries the message of your brand.

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