How to Build a Successful Advertising Strategy using Online and Offline Advertising [3 part] - Online Channels

I will briefly look at these channels, which are most relevant to the Bulgarian market, without having to be exhaustive about the specifics of each. Digital channels have long been part of the overall online strategy of major brands. Although digital advertising is far cheaper than offline advertising, the resource that needed for the online part is more significant. Here I do not mean a purely budget resource. I mean, though seemingly simple to manage, all online channels need an extraordinary capacity of knowledge, time and people that can drive results. So it is especially important for each business to decide which channels to provide to a digital agency and who can be managed by an internal team.


Long ago the face of every business is its site. Even if there is a physical store or office, almost every user also search for the website. The right structure, usability, beautiful and functional design, well-served and quality content, small details and Q&A section (or relevant pages) are key to turning a regular visitor into a customer. Each ad affects users and leads them to the site. If the site is not designed to allow customers to interact in the right way, then the user's journey breaks down and then comes the question, "Why do not we have enough sales/leads although the good ad campaign?"

A few simple rules for building a strategy for your site:

  • Give more information about your products;
  • Try to upselling;
  • Add more opportunities for valuable actions - selling, quoting, subscribing, signing up for a newsletter, an so on, but do not overdo it;
  • If you have online payments, give your customers the opportunity to pay in many different ways. They will choose the one that is most convenient for them;
  • Update your site regularly - I do not mean uploading new information (it's part of the strategy), but redesigning and optimizing the structure. Keep news in the UI so you can always be up to date, beautiful and comfortable;
  • Use different types of quality content in your blog or news section. It is information that leads to organic sharing on social networks.

Find out what you can do before starting your website and getting ready.

Some benefits of a quality website:
  • receive more sales or inquiries;
  • in the "mobile first index" era for each user is essential to be able to reach you through a mobile phone easily. If navigation is difficult over the phone, you will lose many of your customers;
  • users love you and talk to you or share information about you;
  • new customers will also convert;
  • Google loves you - keeping users on your site, Google reports the time they spend and improves site visibility in organic results;
  • the right structure makes advertising easier, and the client reaches the appropriate landing page.

Social media

Social media are a powerful tool for communicating and promoting products or services. It's not just a matter of using them with paid advertising. Not all channels are in use in Bulgaria, so I will only look at those that are most relevant to Bulgarian consumers.

Maintaining social channels requires knowledge of the audience that is in and a different way of communication. If you post the same in all of your channels, users will not want to follow you in all places.


Facebook is the social network number 1 not only in Bulgaria but also in the world. However, there are still businesses that wonder why they need to keep a channel so, they still have a business page but, do not know how to communicate with their customers through it. So because social networks are for communication, it doesn't mean that channels that convert less than others are more unnecessary. Don't forget that all channels are parts of a customer journey.

Another important point is that through social networks and via Facebook, in particular, customers are verifying the business. If you come across a business page where the posts were 2 years ago, and you do not know the company well, you will probably decide that they may have ceased activity. A well-maintained page brings many benefits to both you and your users.

Building groups on Facebook is also a very effective way to keep you interested. Of course, this requires effort and resources, but they will undoubtedly create a community that is loyal to you and your business. You can also use them to promote your services or products.

My advice is to determine resources - human or financial to create regularly interesting, varied and quality content for your users - photos, videos, articles, infographics, polls and so on.

Whether to advertise on Facebook is perhaps a more popular question than Hamlet's "To be or not to be?" The answer depends entirely on what your business offer, and how it can increase sales if it advertises.

Most companies, especially online stores, can increase their ad sales. Facebook offers a variety of ad formats, lots of places to serve ads, and precise targeting.

If you still want to learn more about the tools offered by Facebook or advertising opportunities, here you can find lots of useful information about it:

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Instagram is a "young" network and one of the fastest growing in the world. The growth of users is rising sharply, unlike any other media. The content you share has to communicate with the young and open-minded. Post different content to Facebook. Use relevant business' hashtags and location for each post.

In addition to Ads Manager on Facebook, ads can also run directly through the Instagram platform, targeting and refining the audience.

If your business does not have an Instagram business account or you haven't any account, then here's more information on why and how:

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Although LinkedIn is not such a popular network in Bulgaria, my opinion is that every self-respecting business should have a business profile where it can regularly publish its business information and useful advice. My observations are that this channel benefits from more intelligent, more educated and higher-ranking members of our society. That's why they are people who check the information, and it is a "matter of honour" especially for B2B businesses to have a maintained page there.

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The video is a great way to reach and attract more people. There are many different types of videos you can create:

  • Product overview
  • Product demonstrations
  • Product ads
  • Customer recommendations
  • Recruitment
  • Cultural stories
  • Behind the scenes of products, company events, and more
  • Preliminary promotion of the event
  • Entertainment and fun
  • "How to" videos
  • About Us

The most important is that it is part of the different and varied content that you can create for your audience.

In addition, YouTube is the 2nd social network in the world and is part of Google. So, embedded videos on your site bring you benefits for SEO optimization. My opinion is, this is a channel that you need to use a lot, and I hope more and more businesses will start using it. Whether organic or paid, you decide.

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Google Advertising

The competition is not sleeping! When you're in an ad campaign, it's more than a must-spend ad budget on Google. It is also directly related to your users' journey. In this article, I will not go into a detailed display and search advertisement, but each of them has its place in any advertising campaign or marketing strategy.

The display ad campaign is a must-have - whether it's in its pure form or by remarketing, or in a combination of both - you decide. The display ad is the ad that serves banners/videos on other websites, mobile apps, and on YouTube where there is Google AdSense. Interactions that the user will have, even if the results do not show many clicks, do not mean that the user does not see them. Some people think that after having visited a site and then seeing its ads that means "The Fate has interfered" and have to buy from it.

Some people claim the best ad is the one in the SERP /Search Engine Result Page/.Because all the inquiries come from there because it is the ONLY advertising that is desirable and sought after. In Google people only search and hope to get the information they need. When your ad is in the first results, and you are willing to solve your users' problems, the likelihood of asking or selling is exceptionally high.

Even if you are in the first place in Google organic results, there will be at least three positions above you where your competitors are. In general, the SERP isn't a single channel, but it composites by two parts - paid advertising and organic results. Different users have their decisions differently about the results displayed on Google - some of them rely more on organic results because they are deserved due to the excellent SEO of the siteand another part because they find the product or service much more desired in the ads. To attract more customers and have success, the best formula is in the combination of SEO + PPC or otherwise - paid advertising and a well-optimized site.

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Email marketing

Email marketing becomes different, especially in the context of GDPR. Email marketing, unlike spam, is desirable, demanded, and readable. People subscribe to your newsletter because they want to receive news and useful information you provide. You see the results of it in both Google Analytics and the platform you use for email marketing.

For me, email marketing has to be done regularly, but ONLY IF there is something to tell your subscribers. Through email marketing you can send:

  • useful information;
  • news about your business;
  • promotions;
  • your product catalogue;
  • event, etc.

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Banner advertising

Big sites offering banner positions are a beneficial and effective way to reach a wider audience. We already have a variety of ad formats available to them so that your ad can be viewed and create more engagement. Whether it's a video, animated or static banner, your ad will attack users' minds so they can make a purchasing decision easier. Banner advertising is pretty old, and you can't expect wonders from it. It is strictly specific and should be used for brand awareness. Being an image, not a promotional one is good. Banner ads are successful if they are in favour of the Top of mind strategy.

Native advertising

Consumers often get into boredom only on the type of banner that stands out as an ad format. The media and advertisers know it, and to avoid dull and irritating stereotypes, something new has to be invented. So, it is advertising. What exactly does it represent? It is an ad form that somehow naturally integrates into the different blocks of a site. In this way, it does not look like it is paid advertising, but it passes as part of the content and is thus easier to digest for consumers.

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Attribution modeling

The truth is that each ad is part of the user's interaction with your business or brand. That's why Attribution Modeling exists to help you better track how users interact with you. Moreover, as it is an extensive topic, I will share both useful materials and some basic guidelines.

Users interact in a variety of ways - through all or just through some of the channels listed above, but the users interact. Each campaign in every media helps in a decision process even if there is no click on your ad. Even if the banner is served in the sidebar or has opened its e-mail and read the letter, the user sees you and your brand.

The brands use it for years through the nonaddressed distribution of advertising - advertising everywhere to influence the consumer more. Now that we can easily trace digital interactions through digital technologies, we can easily track their interactions with us. Each interaction contributes to a successful conversion..

There are several models - those that credit the first click as the most important, or the last click, as a combination of the two, equally distributed among all, based on positions, etc.

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