When it is appropriate to hire an external marketing manager

If you are a business owner or part of their management, you are trying to make sure that your marketing team or specialist is doing everything possible to advertise your company's products and services and will increase sales. Maintaining internal business processes is essential to you because you want to keep control over activities and keep costs low. When it is appropriate to hire an outsourcing marketing manager or marketing consultant? 

Кога е подходящо да наемете външен маркетинг мениджър

But gradually you start to realise that you need to appoint another marketing specialist because in a continually changing environment it requires new approaches, new knowledge and continuous training.

Companies using external services work with specialized advertising agencies, but there is always a need for someone to define and organize the brand's strategy and vision, as well as the unity of each campaign.

Digital marketing agencies are often more effective than internal marketing teams and sometimes even at lower costs. The systems are also designed to make sure your company still has control over the company's activities and reputation.

Може би се чудите кое е по-добре – да наемете агенция, външен маркетинг мениджър или да наемете още един човек? Откъде да започнете и кое е по-ефективно? Дали да наемете още един графичен дизайнер или нов човек, който да се занимава само със социалните медии?

Below I describe when it is appropriate to assign the entire activity of an agency and when to maintain a person or team within your company.

Кога да наемете външен маркетинг мениджър и да аутсорсвате маркетинга?

1. You are a trade-oriented company, and your marketing remains in the background.

You know that marketing is essential for every business, but there is no time to deal with it. In many cases, you focus on social networks, the optimization of site content, brochures, catalogues, banners, and so on.

All these are an important part of the face of your business, but somehow you either fail to find the right person for this activity, or you take on yourself personally, which in turn prevents you from being effective in the business.

In this case, it is good to outsource the entire organization because you will be able to use the agency's arsenal without wasting time in finding other employees. You will also have a person who is responsible for your overall strategy, keeps the realization of each eye-catching campaign and sticks to all activities to have unity - such as messages, visions, promotional terms, etc.

2. You work with external teams/agencies on different channels, but you organize all activities

You are a business owner, and you are aware of the need for all marketing and advertising activities.

You are keeping your company management, keeping track of your employees, striving to create advertising campaigns and relevant promotional materials, leading trade negotiations with suppliers, negotiating prices, and so on.

You are trying to stick the outsourced advertising teams' work - designer, web developer and site optimization, IT developers, digital social media agencies, and Google advertising.

2. You hire event agencies because you are an exhibitor. You barter some services with publishers and need to organize ad campaigns. But finally, you miss customers because you are moving your marketing.

In this case, you should have a marketing manager to take over the marketing process without having to terminate advertising contracts with other agencies and suppliers. In many cases, however, finding a quality employee is time-consuming. So it's good to trust an external marketing manager who will work on your behalf and at your expense, but you will save money and time.

3. You do not see the desired results from your internal team

Your internal marketing works as hard as possible with the set of goals, but the results continue to be inadequate.

It's hard to stay at the top of campaign performance and optimization when team members work frantically to do the next campaign. There is no time to optimize campaigns for better performance so they can not reach their goals.

Campaign optimization is key to efficiency, especially when it comes to digital marketing. The agency you hire will take care of your campaigns much better because it will want to keep you as a customer. Over time, these relationships become like partnership and friendly.

4. You want your business to grow, hire a marketing consultant

The primary purpose of any business is to have growth. Greater times, higher profit, more employees. To make this happen as quickly as possible, you need to focus on what matters to you or do what you know best.

Agencies that offer quality services are aware that you couldn't achieve quick results if some of your internal marketing processes missing, for example, service, site organization, insufficient stock availability, lack of good sellers, post-warranty service, etc. Every cent spent on advertising will be almost nonsense.

Затова е особено важно да имате маркетингов консултант или външен маркетинг мениджър, който да ви напътства в този процес по изграждане на добра вътрешна организация и подобряване на вътрешните маркетингови процеси.

That way, you achieve optimal results from your available resources and better branding and market positioning. Then it's a good idea to start advertising because you'll be confident that whoever comes to you, you'll offer him the best. So the results of your ad will be far more effective.

The marketing consultant will guide you through the process and offer you the most optimal solutions, tailored to quality and budget, and will ultimately cost you cheaper. That person is aware of what digital and non-digital assets you need and when and how to start using them, how to communicate with your audience and how to organize everything, what research to do, and how to position a product.

Вижте полезни маркетинг видеа за елементите на маркетинг микса – цена и ценова политика, стратегии за избор на целеви пазар, какво е продукт и как да се позиционира, рекламата в маркетинга и много други.

5. Want fresh ideas

Very often managers couldn't talk when faced with difficulty. Their close people cannot help them because they are not aware of the particular business, and with others, they are ashamed of being exposed.

When working with an external marketing manager/consultant, you have extensive experience and are aware of how things are organized elsewhere. Typically, the outsourced marketing manager can also do a study and give fresh ideas for applying in your particular business.

Additionally, the external marketing manager monitors all innovations in platforms, advertising innovations, the release of new advertising channels, and so on. The marketing manager continually learns and communicates with their colleagues so that they can offer the best to their clients. If you hire an in-house person for your business, you have to pay for such training, and it will be more expensive for you. On the other hand, the in-house manager will not have anyone with whom to exchange experience and gain new knowledge.

6. You save on software

Digital marketing has a lot of paid tools and software that are part of the daily work of each agency. If you want to hire an in-house person for your business, you should also have all these programs and tools that will cost you a lot of money.

On the other hand, the external marketing manager has their paid access because they serve multiple businesses and wants to work quickly and efficiently. In some cases, the marketing manager can even automate some of the processes, thus saving time. This time they will develop a better marketing strategy for your business.

7. The marketing manager has a team

When you hire an external marketing manager or consultant, he has a team to work with. There are cases in which you still do not have your service providers (designers, web developers, etc.) or are disappointed with your current ones and do not want to pay for the service. In this case, they can offer you and guarantee a quality service.

Additionally, over time, the marketing manager has built an effective way of working and communicating with the vendor, such as a designer, web developer, SEO specialist, and so on. It doesn't mean that it will take you more money. On the contrary, it will save you time and effort in search of one.

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