Blocked Facebook Profile - What's going on?

We are so accustomed to our social networking profile that we do not even think about how much we need now. We take it for granted. How do we react if we have a blocked Facebook account? It is a first-person story because I was like that for three days.

For months, there has been mass blocking of accounts - personal or ad accounts. Our profile is so important to us that we realise what is happening when we are blocked. What we usually do with our profile, especially when it's completely normal, human, and part of our everyday life:

  • we share statuses and photos;

  • we tag friends, and they tag us;

  • we check in different events, and we keep a calendar with our interesting ones;

  • save useful information - links, video, articles, posts;

  • join in groups, interested for us;

  • and many more of the platform's functionalities that I do not need to list now, but also:

  • WE HAVE ACCESS to different EXTERNAL websites and applications where we are registered with our social media profile. In some cases, it may even be a matter of paid services or the accumulation of discounts;

  • chatting with thousands of people through Messenger - with friends or for work.

Also, many people have created (and continue to create) business pages, manage them and advertise products. They move from their account to a Business Manager to access business pages and advertising accounts.

Practice shows that a lot of people create a business page (applies to small businesses), manage it, create and link groups to it, but they are the only ones who have admin access to their page or their group because they want to hold control or just because they are the only musician in the orchestra. And if their person's profile is blocked, they lose access to their assets and their audience for which they have invested time and money.

If you want to know the reasons, there is an excellent article on Ivo Iliev's blog, in which he shares a rather long list of possible reasons for blocking ad profile. You can read them on this link.

What to do if Facebook surprised us with a blocked profile?

Here I will tell you what happened to me and how I proceeded. Maybe, there are other ways to act, but I did this.

I get up in the morning, prepare my coffee and open Facebook via my phone. A picture of "Failure to connect" is displayed. I sent a f*** to the mobile operator and the Internet provider, and I drank my coffee with the e-mail. Starting the business day, the first site that I open is Facebook. Ops, on the desktop the picture is clearer, and I'm more awake - "Your profile is suspected of suspicious activity. Please confirm your account "!!! I click on the only one button, and they politely ask me to send a picture of myself to see my face and testify that it is me.

It is the most critical moment. In most cases, the photos we post are more polished, where we are beautiful, young, sexy, professional and whatever else, shot with professional cameras, further processed for brightness and saturation of colours and...

Not that I do not have such pictures, but I decided to send a photo that you would never have seen in other circumstances. And the image is this ⇓

Why did I decide to send it? We recall the case of Spas (stealing an identity in social networks), which is not the only case. To create a social profile is the easiest thing in the world. You can even download hundreds of photos of the same model in different poses from the image banks. There are images professionally shot, large in size, and you can edit them and their metadata with a little more knowledge.

In this case, my picture does not show me either young, sexy or professional, nor I am with make-up or a ... nothing. Just a photo of everyday life without being in focus without being edited, even with a date on it. And please do not laugh at the hairstyle - we have to encourage the imagination of young talents, it is my daughter.

Conclusion: Confirm your profile with an as natural and normal photo as possible.

What happens next? Of course, I need to be in touch with the world around, so I immediately create a new profile from the desktop and start inviting my friends and re-establishing contacts. On the first day with my new account, I had a great feed - only friends, no brands, no business pages, no ads. Of course, I had to recover the admin access to all pages and groups - where I have another profile to add the new account, where my teammate helps add me, where another admin adds me through TeamViewer. I recovered my work, and I could work and breathe calmly.

Therefore, ALWAYS have at least one admin with full access for your business page or group. It is not necessarily that this person has to have any duties - they may be your friend, colleague, spouse or ... The important thing is to trust him/her. It is the way to keep and control your assets.

But I was unattachable by phone. There I did not have the option of going out of the social network. I could delete my profile from Phone settings, but I decided the Facebook bot would understand that I was a real human if I went on and got the log in there. Typically, people have one phone on which they are logged on to social networks. If they block their profile, they will wait for the decision. AND .. PATIENT!

Time to time I opened the phone to see if there was a solution and what was happening, and I was doing my work on my desktop through my new profile. And so three days! I neither wrote nor supported, nor stubborn. I just waited.

My advice is: Instead of wasting time and effort to write with a bot to make the final decision to remove your account completely (because if you persist, maybe something is wrong), better restore your contacts and access via a new account, and for the old one be patient.

Meanwhile, I decided to give another signal to the platform. In my new account, I entered and paid MANUALLY an amount, which I could safely wait for automatically withdraw it into a Business Manager. I immediately received the invoice for payment to the email of my blocked account.In my opinion, this action gives clear and positive signals to the bot for the existence of a real person.

On the fourth day, I was automatically logged off on the phone, and Facebook called me to log in to my old profile! Yeah! The day of victory had come!

Bots are artificial intelligence, but we have something much stronger - Natural Intelligence. Use it! I finish with a thought of eng. Lubomir Popov, I heard at the Online Advertising Conference and became very fond of me - Think! (It's still) (not) forbidden ...

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