Annual advertising budget - how it is formed + [EXCEL TABLE]

Пред много бизнеси стои въпроса колко да заделят за реклама за следващата година. В много случаи дори се определя „на парче“, особено в малките фирми. Моето мнение е, че няма значение какъв е размерът на бизнеса ви, вашият годишен рекламен бюджет може да бъде съставен и да се стремите да го следвате през цялата година.

Годишен рекламен бюджет и таблица с разпределение

Когато съставяте маркетинговия си бюджет, трябва да включите в него и вашият годишен рекламен бюджет. Рекламата е част от продажбите и маркетинга. Парите, изразходвани за реклама, също могат да се разглеждат като инвестиция в изграждането на бизнеса.

Преди да съставите годишен рекламен бюджет

To maintain your advertising budget following promotional and marketing goals, each business owner or marketing manager has to answer a few crucial questions:

1. Who is the target user? Who are interested in purchasing the product or service and what are the particular demographic features of these users (age, employment, gender, attitudes, etc.)? It is often useful to compose a profile to give an abstract idea of the "target user" person and personality that can be used to shape the creative.

More information about the target audience and compiling the buyer persona (the ideal client), you can read on


2. What type of media is most appropriate to reach the target? Every business wants to be advertised everywhere, but does a comprehensive and large-scale campaign lead to results? Do not get me wrong - I'm ABOUT scale and use as many ad channels as possible. But not all channels work for the particular business. Accordingly, you have to choose the channels and the specific media that work for you.

More information about online channels:

More information about offline channels:

3. What is needed to enable the target user to purchase the product? Is the product sold emotionally or after careful consideration? Are you selling online, offline or is it a service and you are dealing with inquiries and offers?

4. What is the relationship between advertising costs and the impact of advertising campaigns on purchases of products or services? In other words, how much profit is likely to be earned for every euro spent on advertising?

Answers of these questions will help determine the specific market conditions and the specific goals the company wants to achieve with each ad campaign. After this analysis, you can also proceed to determine the size of your ad budget.

Други характеристики, които трябва да включите в разпределението на вашия годишен рекламен бюджет, са:

  • campaign consistency;

  • campaign duration;

  • campaign volume;

  • periods of competition - I mean periods in which other businesses that traditionally advertise little or no, are included in the ad flow in the relevant period and are looking for the attention of users. Such are Black Friday, Christmas, February 14, March 8, June 1, and so on.

Съставяне на годишен рекламен бюджет

Initially, at least roughly, if not precisely, you set an amount as a budget for the whole year, you must remove 20% of it. This 20% of your annual budget allows you to avoid missing out on exciting and profitable advertising opportunities or to cover any unforeseen situations. Allotting your entire budget to a penny, you will not have a surprise reserve.

However, this advice is only applicable to large budgets. Many small businesses that spend a budget of up to $ 5,000 a year would find it hard to apply the 20 per cent rule.

Once you have devoted 20% of your budget, you can now proceed to determine the specific amounts and number of individual media campaigns you make each month.

Here you can download a sample formula table. EXCEL TABLE

Allocation of costs

Costs are divided by the three types of marketing - offline, online, and event marketing.

Offline marketing typically involves agencies that sign annual service contracts. (See our services and how we can help you) So you can correctly fill in the costs by months. Almost it is right for online marketing - with the small difference that you may often have to repair monthly budget with some of the 20% you initially attributed, because of the platforms updates, such as an increase in the price of Facebook advertising, the rapid budget spending on Google.

Keep in mind that, according to Forrester Research and eMarketer , businesses in the US divide their budget almost equally between digital activities and offline advertising.

Some might wonder why I put events as a separate type of marketing. I think it is different because of the activities and the budget for the event itself. Whether you are a sponsor of events, an event organizer or an exhibitor, for example, each event carries its specificities and requires not only a specific budget for it, but also its distribution on feathers - catering, hall and equipment rental, rental of sound equipment, advertising of the event - digital and traditional, promotional materials to be distributed, etc.

Accordingly, if you know what events you are going to take next year, especially if you have participated in this one, you can also apply an approximate budget. You can judge if it was sufficient because you already know the specific event. The same applies to the events you organise yourself - these are lectures and seminars, webinars, internal corporate events, external corporate events, and so on.

After signing annual contracts for specific services or positions, you already know the specific prices. So you can start putting them in the table.

След сключването на годишни договори за конкретно обслужване или позиции, вече знаете и конкретните цени. Следователно можете да започнете да ги нанасяте в таблицата с вашия годишен рекламен бюджет.

Others - the unforeseen section

В края има и една графа Други. Там можете да нанасяте всички непредвидени ситуации през годината. Мога да дам много примери от всякакво естество.

Например: лека катастрофа на фирмения автомобил, не е задължително вие да сте шофьорът, и трябва да се ребрандира и брандира наново автомобила или изгорели крушки на светеща реклама – трябва да повикате фирмата, която я е изработила, за да ги смени, или изгодно предложение за реклама или покана за събитие, което е ново и искате да участвате. По-горе споменах и за промяна на цените и/или ъпдейти на отделните платформи. Примерите са безкрайно много.

Накрая ще можете да определите и какво е процентното отношение и в абсолютни стойности във вашия годишен рекламен бюджет по отделните видове маркетинг – по месеци, по медии, по видове. Запишете си процентите и сумите сега, за да можете да ги сравните през декември следващата година, след като вече сте изразходвали и онези 20%, които първоначално отделихте.

My advice is: whether you are a small or a large company and no matter how large your budget is, you can make an annual plan. Remember, this is an initial plan that can be adjusted upward or downward in the year according to the development of your business.

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