7 reasons why you should have an Instagram business profile

Instagram is the fastest growing network right now. It is "young", and it means that the age group it uses is young. Statistics show that the average age of the users is rising. If you are not yet using this social network as a channel, read below how to create and why to choose to have an Instagram business account.

If you do not have an Instagram Account, I'll show you how to create one.

First, you need to install the phone application. Run it and follow the instructions. When you create a business account, I recommend using a business email so you can easily share it with your employees. So, you created a personal profile on Instagram.

Once an account has already created, you should convert to a business account. It necessarily associates with your business page. To create an Instagram business account, you must click on the three points at the top right.

Then scroll down until you find the "Switch to business account"Then scroll down until you find the "Switch to business account"> Click> Continue / 4times>> Page Selection. Here are all the pages that the user logging into the Facebook Phone application with their Facebook account has admin rights. You choose the Facebook page of your business and check your contacts - email, phone and address. Press OK in the upper right corner, and you already have a business page created.

Image sizes in Instagram

Instagram offers different types of posts. So, you need to know their dimensions for great-looking posts.

  • post images - 1080 x 1080 pixels
  • stories - 1080 x 1920 pixels

If you're still wondering what the differences between Instagram's personal and business account are, see 7 reasons to convince you of its benefits. /video is in Bulgarian/

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