Агенция за дигитален маркетинг


Design and prepress

Лого дизайн

Web design & banners

Video marketing

Traditional marketing

Advertising in magazines

Radio advertising and media planning

Brochures and leaflets to P.O. boxes

Outsourced marketing manager

Marketing strategy and planning

Marketing budget administration

Manage ad channels

Social media marketing

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1. Meeting and discussing long-term goals

2. Presenting marketing ideas in the short and long term

3. Identifying specific steps and preparing a program

4. Campaign design and programming

5. Test 

6. Implementation

7. Campaign Performance Analysis, Optimization and Reporting


CreativeZ is a digital marketing agency focused on building brand identity, return on investment and creating long-term business relationships.

We focus on the customer's overall experience - from their first contact with your brand through entire customer journey to their subsequent feedback. That is why we pay attention to every element of their experience.

The symbiosis between video marketing, social media marketing and copywriting is important for overall brand performance, which in turn leads to a good, beautiful, well structured and optimized website.

We believe in partnerships because this is the key to success. So our customers are our partners!


"The overall marketing strategy and proper product positioning are keys for successful business development. All activities must be built on the unity of the strategy and addressed to the target customer."

Zdravka Nenova

CEO & Marketing manager, CreativeZ Digital Marketing Agency and Pixel Heart Agency

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